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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Winterjam 2009


Winterjam 2009 - Mabee Center Tulsa, OK
For those who could not attend, you missed a great concert event. 
Chandler was well represented at Winterjam this year - taking 18 kids and adults.
An icy cold-front helped us begin the evening huddling with the other masses in line for Winterjam.  Despite the setback, the Youth were able to finally get into the Mabee Center in Tulsa, OK.  Winterjam Pastor, Tony Nolan, invited all of the Youth Pastors (Directors, Workers) to a time of pre-concert pep and prayer.  Each of the bands had a representative available and the time ended with a Holy Spirit inspired time of prayer and intercession for the young people attending the event.  It was a very moving time.
The concert time was special, offering many memorable moments.  Jason Dunn (Hawk Nelson), despite his flu symptoms, gave an excellent performance - making his way through the floor crowd during one song and finishing his set with a dive into the front-row crowd.  Brandon Heath had an inspiring performance. 
The evening was capped with a fantastic performance by Toby Mac and the Diverse City Band.  It was very difficult to get a good picture of Toby during his songs because he was moving around all over the place.  His diversity message was excellent and well-received.  The music was excellent!
The evening was finished off with a not-so-quick stop in at McDonald's.  Three church busses arrived at McD's just ahead of us and the line snaked all through the lobby area.  The McDonald's Staff was heroic and able to accomodate all of us in our turn.  Kudo's to them, they were awesome!!
Below are some pictures of the time we had together.

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