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First United Methodist Church of Chandler
Monday, October 23, 2017
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Angel Food Ministries



At the BannerOn Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 representatives of the Methodist Youth group - Meagan Wintz (left), Lauren Sickels (center) and Allison Herndon (right) - volunteered with Angel Food Ministries (located at Friends Church, 215 N Blaine, Chandler, OK) to help more than 40 families with food baskets. We arrived at 8:00am to begin laying out the food items on a line of tables in the gymnasium on the south end of the church. Food items included frozen chicken thighs, frozen chicken tenders, frozen vegatables (mixed, spinach and carrots), boxed Gordon’s Salisbury Steak, frozen waffles, canned fruit, instant mashed potatoes, rice, beans, eggs, shelf-stable milk, and a box of cookies.

Filling the boxes along the assembly line
We kept the "assembly line" filled with the food items arranged in stations on one side of the row of tables. Meanwhile, runners (pictured left) filled the boxes/baskets with one item from each station.  The work was fast-paced at times, especially when representatives from First Baptist Church, Chandler, OK showed up to fill 15 or more boxes. 
Perfect throwing form!Despite the “intensive workload”, we found plenty of time to enjoy the morning, perfecting the “softball throw” (as demonstrated by Meagan Wintz) and playing basketball (Chris Johnson – background).  Ernie, Lynn and Chris Johnson are deeply involved with this ministry and participate regularly.
For more information about Angel Food Ministries, visit their website at: www.angelfoodministries.com.
"Here's your food!"A quick pose before the onslaughtThe 'Album Cover' pose

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