We exist to be a beacon for God offering spiritual opportunity and service to those in need.
First United Methodist Church of Chandler
Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Our worship service starts at 10:55 a.m. and it usually takes an hour.
Our worship service is "blended." It is well balanced between traditional and contemporary.
However the first Sunday is more of traditional and the third Sunday is more of contemporary.
Every first Sunday, we offer the Holy Communion. Most third Sundays, we have the Praise and
Worship service followed by the Holy Communion. The picture above is our choir singing a
special music during a service. 
We often use dramas to give biblical lessons to the congregation. In that way our
church members can give their talent to the Lord and participate in the holy service
more actively. It is a lot of fun and very interactive. The picture above is of Glen Major
and Darin Sherman playing the Wright Brothers for the sermon series "Spiritual Aviation."
We do not send our children off to the "children's church" or somewhere. Our family
worship together. Kids are to watch what their parents do during worship service.
They sing the same song their parents sing. They hear the same sermon other adult
members hear. They do their own offerings. Namely, they participate in every bit of the
worship service and this has an advantage in tying the family members together in Christ. 
However, our children do not require a lot of endurance. They still have fun in children's
moment and the worship service is full of images and sounds. The picture above is
Richard Covington giving a sermon to the children during a worship service.
 Our preacher Rev. Sungsu Hwang often offers series sermons although he fully
respects the tradition of using lectionaries. When he does series sermons, he 
usually picks up the things we can experience in our everyday life (golf, cars, 
grains, etc.) to be useful tools to teach biblical lessons. His lessons in the sermon
series are inspiring, interesting, challenging, and easy to remember. The picture
above is one of the posters we made to advertise his sermon series "Tee-ology"
this spring.
Here is our worship program you can see how we worship the Lord. I hope you can join us too!